Waste Management -OMPECO

Esko and Ompeco are changing the way we treat waste in Australia by introducing “The Converter®”.

Esko Australia is a long-standing company with a tremendous history of providing essential quality machinery and services to their valued customers throughout Australia and New Zealand and have now included OMPECO located in Italy to extend our equipment range for waste management machinery with the Converter®

Waste Handling – current situation in Australia

To date, a large volume of waste goes to landfill, which has high handling and operating costs. Additionally, the environmental impact of air pollution, (resulting in high emissions – methane, carbon dioxide, greenhouse gas), groundwater contamination and saturation of landfills (loss of land) are all critical and sensitive topics to our society.

The OMPECO Converter®

To treat infectious, medical and urban waste onsite, that will reduce its volume up to 80%, and weight up to 50%. The finished product, called “Flock”, which is a safe, dry, stable, shredded, and odourless material. It is also inert and totally sterilized, achieved by reaching temperatures up to 151 Deg. C, through a process of friction and moist heat without pressure technology. All this is achieved through a fully automatic operating cycle

The Converter® also allows a reduction in disposal costs and transportation, guaranteed by reducing waste weight and volume, in a safe and controlled management of waste that leaves your businesses walls treated and sterilized.

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