DOSOMAT filling & packaging technology from Waldner - well package precision

DOSOMATs are a product of state-of-the-art technology and continual further development. Our quality sets standards – and has done for a century.

DOSOMAT stands for fully automatic filling and sealing machines for packaging various products. The product line ranges from liquids and very pasty products to powdery or lumpy products. Technical articles are also packaged by DOSOMATs in pre-fabricated cups.

A wide range of packaging materials are processed on DOSOMATs – be they containers or closures made of cardboard, plastic, co-ex material, aluminum, sheet steel or glass.
  • Over 60 years experience
  • More than 2,500 packaging machines delivered and running worldwide
  • Above all, big companies use WALDNER DOSOMAT for filling their products
  • We manufacture packaging machines of a wide capacity range: from very small machines, type DOSOMAT 1, up to the high-capacity DOSOMAT 20 Inline with e.g. 48 lanes or, expressed in output, with more than 100.000 cups / hour.
  • WALDNER is the only company who manufacture rotary machines with cup and lid sterilization using peroxide.
  • WALDNER also make aseptic inline machines.
  • All packaging machines are extremely flexible with regard to a change of cup size. Next to no time you can change from one cup size to another.
  • Servo technology – All customers will benefit from this state-of-the-art all-servo design as follows:- Maximum speed by product-specific optimisation of electronic cams. Therefore very flexible for different products and viscosities.- Extremely reliable drives and motion technology from ELAU – Drive area in machine frame perfectly accessible, easy to maintain – Software updates and teleservice via modem or Ethernet from factory Wangen – Extremely rapid and simple product and cup format changeovers
  • Reference: We are supplier to global players such as Kraft, Nestle, Unilever, General Mills, Mars, Masterfoods etc. Very long and great experience in Aseptik machines with H2O2 and UVC sterilisation.
  • The machines are also available with an automatic change from one cup size to the other, and this with rotary, as well as with inline machines.
  • The automatic format change means the installation of format parts of different cup sizes on the machine, whereas the change from one cup size to the other is performed through re-positioning by servo-technology.
  • Solid construction as mono-block machine.
  • All made of stainless steel.
  • All dosing units for filling liquid, pasty or granular products are manufactured by WALDNER. Everything is supplied from one company.
  • Experience in filling all kinds of products in the food and non-food area.
  • High experience meets special machine technology, particularly in filling aluminium cans which are subsequently sterilized (like pet food, e.g. Sheba, Cesar, etc.) WALDNER is the high quality market leader in this sector with a market share of 90%.
  • Excellent customer service, worldwide.
  • Nearly no down time with WALDNER DOSOMAT, machine-effectiveness of more than 95 % according DIN 8743, par. 3
  • Almost of the spare parts are available by WALDNER.
  • Within the WALDNER group, we use synergy effects: in addition to the DOSOMAT filling machines, containers and isolators for pharmacy industry and laboratory furniture are manufactured. Therefore we have an excellent reputation in the food industry market.