Steriflow in Vanuatu

MESPIC All-in-One Packing & Palletising
March 15, 2014
Bagging a growing market
August 30, 2018
Vanuatu Direct in the Pacific are on the verge of getting into high quality Retorted Food processing with latest technology Equipment. It is the very first Steriflow Retort installed in Vanuatu and will provide enormous opportunities to process shelf stable foods for the surrounding Islands and Export to Australia and New Zealand with local produce. It is great to see that Vanuatu Direct is following New Caledonia in investing in high Quality Equipment enabling them to be able to process all forms of retort-able packages which include in Cans, in Glass, in Pouches as well as Plastic cups. The overpressure control is what provides the versatility of the equipment as well as the accurate automatic repeatable cycle conformity.

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